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Design Reviews

John - Kk Remodeling

This video I provides design feedback on a website layout submitted by a client, covering suggestions to improve the header, text elements, padding, alignment, and overall consistency of the design, with the reviewer finding the design to be generally good-looking and providing constructive feedback to further enhance the presentation.

Lorenz - Small Ideas

In this video, I delve into Lawrence's website, offering constructive feedback on its design and layout. Key areas of improvement include making the hero section title bolder, adjusting the image placement, and improving padding for better text readability. I also examine the 3D elements and their interaction, social media icons, visual hierarchy of titles and descriptions, and overall consistency in spacing and sizing. The review concludes with suggestions for enhancing call-to-action buttons and maintaining visual consistency throughout the website.

AJ - UK Culture

In this video, I provide detailed feedback on a hardcoded website, offering practical suggestions and improvements. Key recommendations include using Wix Studio for easier landing page creation, optimizing title placement and font styles, enhancing the login button design, adjusting spacing and padding for better readability, and improving visual contrast. Watch for more expert advice on making your website look and function better.

Request your own
Design Review

Want me to take a look at your site? Submit the form and send over some screenshots, a Figma file or even the original URL and I'll take a look and feedback. All submissions are likely to be posted online!

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