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Package UI with code and data to build reusable, tradable assets.

July 22 - Sep 9, 2024

Online event

$20,000 in prizes





Hackathon challenge

Choose your path—build a website using Wix Blocks or design a Wix Studio template.

Wix Blocks app

Develop a full-stack app, component, or code package and integrate it within a Wix Studio website for enhanced functionality.

Wix Studio template

Design a reusable Wix Studio template that leverages the full power of Wix code and your creativity, and use it to produce a website that demonstrates your template’s full functionality.

Who can participate?

Calling all web and JS developers—whether you're a solo coder or part of a team (up to 4 members), this hackathon is for you. Hackathon rules

Why participate?

  • Showcase your expertise in blending code and components to build top-tier web products

  • Speed up your development with the Wix Studio environment

  • Open up new revenue by monetizing your Blocks app or template

  • Win big with a total prize pool of $20,000

$20,000 IN PRIZES

GRAND PRIZE | $10,000 USD +

  • Wix Studio Plus subscription for a year for each team member

  • Social media recognition

  • Exclusive feature in a Wix Studio blog post


  • ​Wix Studio Plus subscription for a year for each team member

  • Social media recognition

  • Exclusive feature in a Wix Studio blog post

THIRD PLACE | $2,000 USD +

  • ​Wix Studio Plus subscription for a year for each team member

  • Social media recognition

  • Exclusive feature in a Wix Studio blog post


  • Wix Studio Plus subscription for a year for each team member

  • Social media recognition

  • Exclusive feature in a Wix Studio blog post


  • Each week up to two developers who have helped others on the Merge Discord server will be selected for this bonus prize

Minimum requirements

  • A link to your project website

  • A link to your Wix Blocks App or Template

  • A video (<5 minutes), documentation, or a blog post that showcases the usage of your app

  • How it works

  • Major use cases

  • Your submission must primarily function with the Wix platform, but you’re free to integrate with 3rd party platforms to enhance your projects

  • The submission should not be a publicly available app until after the hackathon if your team chooses

Pre-existing projects

  • Your submission must be entirely original for the hackathon. If using a pre-existing project, it must be a complete rewrite from scratch with no reused code

Multiple submissions

  • Teams can submit more than one project if they so choose. Each submission will be judged individually

  • For each project, only one team member should make the submission

  • The submitter will be the person receiving all prizes if their team's project wins. It is their responsibility to distribute prizes to other team members

Nice to have

Release a project beta. Let other people use it, gather feedback, and use that feedback to improve your project before the deadline. If you do this then let us know.

Judgment criteria

Judging will be shared between both Merge and Wix. We’ll judge on the following criteria:

Both Wix Blocks & templates

  • How well is the code written? (structure, cleanliness) (3 pts)

  • Is the website usable? Well designed? Feature/
    functionality complete (2 pts)

  • How well is the code written (Structure, cleanliness) (3 pts)

  • Is the website usable Well designed Feature/functionality complete (2 pts)

Wix Blocks app

  • Can the full functionality of the Wix Blocks app be accessed by users via JavaScript? (2 pts)

  • Would it be useful on other sites? (2 pts)

Wix Studio template

  • Can the full functionality of the template be used out of the box without users modifying your code? (2 pts)

  • Would the template be useful for building other sites? (2 pts)


Start coding on Wix

Get started with Blocks

Create and use templates

Develop apps with Blocks

Find more resources on Wix Studio academy and our developer documentation

Find more resources on
Wix Studio academy and our developer documentation


When can I start creating?

July 22nd. Only submissions started on or after July 22nd will be accepted.

Who can participate?

Teams of 1 to 4 participants can join. You can be of any skill level or background. While this is a coding competition and thus requires that at least one team member be a developer, it can be beneficial to have designers, UX experts, project managers, and others join your team. For all eligibility rules, please refer to the full eligibility criteria in the hackathon rules.

How do I submit my team’s project and handle prizes?

For each project submitted by a team, a single team member will assume the role of team lead and submit the project on behalf of the team. They will also provide the names and email addresses of all team members in the submission.

The team lead will be responsible for receiving all prizes from a winning submission and managing the distribution of the prizes to the rest of the team members.

Where can I get support for coding questions?

You can get support on the Merge Discord by joining the community here. There will also be weekly office hours.

Do I need to purchase a Wix Studio account to join?

No purchase is necessary. You will be able to create with just a free Wix Studio account.

Can I reuse an existing template or project?

No. Your submission must be made entirely from scratch for the hackathon (no pre-existing code or design). If you have a pre-existing project, you can submit a new version of it provided that it is a complete rewrite of the prior project from scratch and reuses no part of previous projects. Likewise you cannot use a prebuilt Wix Studio Template. You must start your submission from a blank page. Similarly when creating a Blocks App you must start from a blank template and cannot use a prebuilt template.

What are Wix JS API/SPIs? When are they required in my project?

Wix JS APIs and SPIs are libraries that allow developers to implement custom logic and services for their frontend and backend site interactions. API libraries function as you would expect any JavaScript library to. SPIs allow you to inject custom business logic into existing Wix solutions.


When building Blocks Apps and Templates, you can build functionality via:

  • Using the visual drag-and-drop editor on the Wix Studio and Blocks editors to place and configure visual elements.

  • Writing custom logic via JavaScript to implement the business logic of your website.

You can design your product’s architecture using a combination of code and no-code capabilities, but keep in mind that this is a coding competition. We encourage you to take full advantage of the coding capabilities on the Wix Studio and Blocks editors. Your project will be judged partly on its code quality. Refer to the full judgment criteria above.

Can I use Wix logos as part of my project?

  • The logos should be used as-is, unmodified, with no changes.

  • The logos can only be used as part of the Hackathon. They cannot be used outside the hackathon.

  • The logos can't be used alongside any content that violates our Terms of Use. Nothing obscene (such as weapons, pornography, etc.).

  • Please make sure to follow our full brand guidelines, terms of use, and privacy policy which can be found here.

Can I use Creative Commons or other assets?

Yes, as long as you are following the license for that asset and are allowed to use it.

Stay updated on the hackathon, win prizes, and connect with the dev community and teams.

By joining the community you agree to your data being stored by Wix according to its privacy policy.

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